TraderBlu Who?

TraderBlu was born out of necessity: the need for Lambda Men’s Brotherhood to sell leather and gear donated to us. Upended by covid-19, we had to find a replacement for our Leather Auction held annually for the last 14 years. In the process of exploring the TraderBlu concept, we discovered a bevy of artisans, many local to South Florida, that we could showcase.

What’s Lambda Lambda Men’s Brotherhood?
Lambda Men’s Brotherhood is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization seeking to build a legacy of LGBTQ philanthropy. Over the last 15 years, Lambda and its events like The Leather Masked Ball® have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to other non-profit groups and service providers in the community. Our Florida Department of Agriculture charitable solicitation organization number is CH29564.

What’s the Cause?

Through our newly announced Lambda History Series program, we’re seeking to develop and distribute LGBTQ history courses online to high school and grade school students. We have a $500,000 fundraising goal to get the program up and running with proceeds from TraderBlu going towards that goal.  For more information about the Lambda History Series or to donate go to: